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Special Project Cargo

Alcohol & Tobacco

We specialise in the handling and storage of dutiable cargo like alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Overseas manufactures and international suppliers can import and store their liquor, cigarettes, wines in our appointed licensed warehouse without having to pay import duties and taxes upfront. We offer one-stop storage, distribution and inventory management for our customers.

Military Projects & Logistics

For military logistics, we provide cargo storage in the JNC Container Freight Station. For cross-trade shipment, JNC offers customised solutions and end-to-end management for each shipment and cargo according to market situation and client requirements.

Medical & Chemical

Dangerous and medical goods transportation is also provided with high-level care and management to ensure the safe delivery of these machinery, films and toxic, corrosive or environmentally hazardous chemical liquids.

Customised & Tailored Logistics

Feel free to contact us should you encounter any problems with 3PL/4PL logistics providers. Our specialised project cargo team will assess the logistic situation and provide a holistic solution and necessary support to manage the shipment and transport.

Undername Indonesia Services

JNC is able to provide documents and undername companies and partners to ensure the smooth import or export for Indonesia shipments.

Contact Details: (9751 7399)

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