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Cold Chain

A one-stop service centre, we offer procurement, storage, inventory management as well as delivery services for cold food products. Utilizing our most sophisticated technologies, we enable businesses to achieve success through seamless logistics support and distribution.

To guarantee the freshness and integrity of the full spectrum of food products including poultry, beef and fruits and vegetables, we utilise different temperature-controlled compartments so that all products handed to us can be kept in optimum condition.

An integrated and sophisticated warehouse management and resource planning system ensures that goods are well managed and stored. Our trained professionals will deliver the goods from our warehouse to your doorstep with utmost care.

For food and beverage manufacturers looking to lease a space for your business, contact us for quality spaces available and skills and expertise to customise the space to suit your business requirements.

Our well-trained drivers with our reliable reefer fleet safely transport products from the docks to storage and end distribution, ensuring an integrated cold chain to keep perishables at optimum quality.

Multi Shipping Services and Network to connect logistics to the world’s freight system.

Contact Details: (9751 7399)

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